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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Viscum album Dr. Kader Kochi

Viscum album




Plant contains, lectin, cysteine, sulphur compounds, viscumin; leaf, seeds; Druids medicine


This is the best medicine in poly arthritis.

This is the best medicine in  infertility.

This is the best medicine in epilepsy.

This is the best medicine in paraplegia, and diabetes.

This is the best medicine in diabetes.

It is cardiac depressant

It is  insulin promoter

It is sex stimulant.

It is the antidote in spider and snake poison.

It is anticoagulant, anticancer, and antiviral medicine. 

It is medicine in ventricular hypertrophy

It is medicine in difficult labor.

It is remedy in reflex epilepsy, hysteria, and neuralgia

It is remedy in muscular pain, and spinal pains of female.

Druids had used as panacea and anti evil drug. They cut herbs with golden sickles in 6th night of winter solstice. They kept it in houses as token for fortune.

Plant also been used to make Christmas tree.

It has ergot like action (Sleep and hallucination effects by LSD are due to less circulation to brain). 

Viscum, Valerian, Secale cor, Aconitum, Veatrum and Ustilago can reduce cerebral circulation and promote skin circulation (Polarity: brain x skin) in high dose.

Blood may be moved to brain in amenorrhea. So chorea, convulsion and headache may be developed.

Dose: 5 to 30 drops


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