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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Gallium aparine, Galega and Gelsemium sempervivum Dr. Kader Bavu

 Gallium aparine


Goose grass, cleavers


Plant contains iridoid glycosides, caffeine, phenolic acids, coumarins and flavonoids, citric acid, red particle; non-toxic, tea; annual plant


This is medicine in fear. 

It is medicine dysuria, calculi and cystitis.
It is medicine externally in wound and burns. 

It is remedy in scurvy, diabetes, ulcer and nodules of tongue. 

It is a lymphatic tonic.



Goat’s rue, professor weed


Plant contains galegine


This promotes prolactin and insulin secretion. 

It increases milk secretion. 

It reduces sugar level in blood. 

It is a fish sedative (hydrocyanic acid, cocculus, croten tig). 

It is remedy diabetes and in glycosuria.

Gelsemium sempervivum


Yellow jasmine, heartbreak grass


Plant contains toxic alkaloids gelsemine, gelseminine and sempervirine, gelsemic acid, volatile oil, ergot like alkaloids, gum, starch, resin, opium like principle and Mg ( cimicifuga, colchicum, and aloe.s. ); root, honey-like odor.


This is medicine in spasmodic ovarian neuralgia, hysteria spasm, uterine colic, torticollis, rheumatic fever, sciatica, irritable heart, Parkinsonism rigidity, facial neuralgia, neuralgia and cerebral ischaemia. 

It (physostigma also) can antidote the spasm of nux vomica.

It is remedy in anxiety neurosis and irritable bowel syndrome.

It is remedy in acute hyperemia of brain and spinal cord; consequent headache, prostration, loss of muscular power, paralysis, orbital neuralgia, hysterical amblyopia, drowsiness, lassitude, dullness, and vertigo. 

It is cardiac depressant.

It is medicine in spasm, convulsion, itching, chorea and tetanus.

It is good medicine in severe pain and tremor.

Toxicity can cause hyperemia of brain, weak pulse, chorea, later ptosis and paralysis. 

Alcohol, nux vomica, digitalis, ammonia, caffeine, belladonna etc are the antidote.

Dose:  2 to 10 drops

Kindness is a language, which the deaf can hear, and the blind can read.

Medicines sometimes cures, often relives, but always consoles.
No grief is so acute but time ameliorates it.

This information is for educational and research purposes only

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