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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Digitalis purpurea Dr.. Kader Kochi

Digitalis purpurea


Foxglove, tilapuspi,digital like flowers


Plant contains digitalin, digitoxin, digitonin, digitalacrin, a stearoptendigitalosmin, digitaloic acid,and  digoxigenin


 This is an emetic and diuretic medicine. 

The Scottish doctor William withering proved its efficiency in dropsy in 1775. 

It can increase stroke volume

It is medicine in ventricular tachycardia

It is cardiac depressant in high dose.

Digitalis is para sympathomimetic. 

It can increase breathing rate and decrease heart rate. 

It can increase venous return, stroke volume, systemic blood pressure, and penile perfusion. Thus it favors erection without tachycardia.

 It also can promote erection through diuretic mechanism (Strophanthus, Palastene oleander, Adonis, and Valley convallaria). 

It has cumulative effect (China, and Rauwolfia).

 It can reduce portal congestion by increasing venous return and pumping of heart. 

It can promote ventricular hypertrophy by increasing aortic tension.

It can facilitate wound healing.  

It is remedy in cardiac weakness 

It is remedy in hypotension.

It is remedy in fever in weak individual. 

Dose: 1to 3 drops 


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