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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chelidonium majus Dr. Kader Kochi

Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies

Chelidonium majus 


Great celandine, tetter wort


Plant contains a bitter principle, isoquinoline alkaloids, coptisine, chelidonine, sanguinarine, protopine, chelerythrine, caffeic acid, chelidonic, chelidoninic acids and chlorophyll; perennial herb, one meter height.


This is useful external medicine in bruises and sprains (Arnica and hamamelis). 

It is diuretic, diaphoretic and expectorant, cathartic, and local irritant. 

It is medicine in gall stone and chronic hepatitis

It is medicine in warts, corns, epithiloma and tumor. 

It has antiviral property. 

It increases eyesight (Vaccinum myrtillus and gelsemium). 

It is remedy in yellowness of eyes, herpes and jaundice.

It had used to coloring cloths.

 Dose: 2 or 3 drops

Medicines sometimes cures, often relives, but always consoles

This information is for educational and research purposes only

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