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Friday, 1 March 2013

Acids Dr. Kader Kochi

Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies


Acetic acid

This is medicine externally in corns, dandruff and tenia versicolor.

It is remedy in scurvy, diabetes and epithiloma.

Citric acid

This is medicine in scurvy. 

It is medicine externally in black discoloration, cholasma and pityriasis versicolor.

It is remedy in renal calculus, aphthosis, scurvy and dropsy.

Hydrocyanic acid
 It naturally presents in apple seeds, amygdalus, laurocerasus, love apple, liquorice, snake venom, and tapioca

This is remedy in diabetes, productive cough, and bronchial congestion with red face due to lung paralysis. 

Lactic acid 


This is remedy in hyperglycemia and polyuria.

Muriatic acid

This prevents phosphate stone formation.

It increases body metabolism. 

It is remedy in hypothyroidism, rheumatism, chronic productive cough, ulcer, and chronic hepatic diseases.

Nitric acid 


This prevents oxalate stone formation. 

It is remedy in offensive urine, and muscle degeneration.

Oxalic acid 

This is remedy in menorrhagia, spinal neuritis and sleepiness

Phosphoric acid 

This stimulates nerves and promotes sex power.

It helps elimination of phosphate stone.

It is remedy in diabetes, spinal degeneration, stress and neural pain.

Dose: 5 to 20 drops

Picric acid
 This is remedy in acute burns and spinal degeneration.

Salicylic acid 


This is good antiseptic, diaphoretic and antipyretic medicine. 

It is a renal irritant. 

It is medicine in lumbago, tonsillitis and arthritis. 

It is medicine locally in squamous dermatitis and chronic ulcer.

It is remedy in tinnitus, over sex desire, stomach cancer, thrombosis and chronic offensive bronchitis.

Medicines sometimes cures, often relives, but always consoles

This information is for educational and research purposes only.

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