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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Abies Canadensis dr.P.B.Kader

Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies

Abies Canadensis

 Pine, hemlock spruce

Plant contains volatile oil, tannic acid, resin; Bark

This is medicine in sprain and rheumatism. 

Oil of hemlock is a rubefacient.  It is useful like belladonna plaster. 

It is diaphoretic, expectorant and diuretic medicine (turpentine). 

It is medicine in sinusitis and leucorrhoea locally (astringent). 

It is remedy in hyper acidity, dyspepsia, mucus gastritis (ipecac and iris) and uterine displacement. 

Dose: 1 to 10 drops 

Medicines sometimes cures,often relives, but always consoles

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